Kapaemahu Wins Stonewall Book Award

by John Veneri –KHON Living808 – February 3, 2023:

Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, or Kumu Hina for many, is known for work in the art of Hula. She is a filmmaker, an artist, and an activist and now an author after the release of her book “Kapaemāhū”. The book tells the traditional story of four legendary mahu or individuals with dual male and female spirit,  who long ago brought healing arts from Tahiti to Hawaiʻi and imbued their healing powers into four large stones in Waikiki today. The book is written in both English and in ʻōlelo Niʻihau.

“Because it is important to perpetuate Hawaiian language and the Niʻihau form is the one I am most comfortable with and has never been interpreted. I hope that other Hawaiians will be inspired to tell our stories and history with respect and honor.  And I hope all readers will better understand the great accomplishments of these healers, and that everybody has a role to play.  We worked with Kanaoeokana and Kamehameha Schools to develop educational materials for schools that want to use the book.“

If you’d like to learn more about the book, visit: http://kapaemahu.com