Kapaemahu is a multimedia education and community engagement project rooted in Hawaiian culture and dedicated to acceptance, respect, and inclusion for all.  It is based on the story of four large stones that were long ago placed on Waikiki beach as a monument to the mahu – extraordinary individuals of dual male and female spirit – who brough healing arts from Tahiti to Hawaii.

Few of the millions of people who pass by the stones of Kapaemahu today know their true meaning and significance.  Our hope is to start a conversation that will restore this storied site as a permanent reminder of Hawaii’s long history of healing, inclusion and aloha.

To ensure that a broad cross section of the public is aware of the stones of Kapaemahu and the messages they embody, our team has developed multiple presentations of the story and its history:

  • Animated short film
  • Bilingual childrens’ picture book
  • Feature length public television documentary
  • Museum exhibition
  • Academic article
  • Online virtual hub
  • Hawai’i Convention Center exhibition