11 LGBTQIA+ Audiobooks to Carry You Through Pride 2022 (and Beyond)

Come for Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu’s beautifully structured retelling of a Hawaiian legend about a quartet of mahu (dual-spirit) healers that was nearly lost to historical bigotry, stay for the dynamically produced soundscape that so effectively layers Wong-Kalu’s bilingual narration with traditional drumming, dramatized ritual chanting, and the sound of the ocean that, should you go sit in the sunshine and close your eyes while listening, you’ll be hard-pressed not to believe you’ve been transported through both time and space.

“Kapaemahu is a Poignant Monument to the Power of Hidden Histories” – Kirkus Reviews

“A rich retelling of an ancient Indigenous Hawaiian legend.”

Filled with cultural details and beautifully illustrated in vibrant tropical colors, the book pays homage to Indigenous Hawaiian healing traditions and affirms two-spirit people. The fascinating backmatter provides background information about the original Hawaiian legend and Niihau dialect. 
A poignant monument to the power of hidden Indigenous histories.